Analysis Diagrams

The Diagrams window is displayed when you select Diagrams from the Compute menu (only available for an analysis). This window shows diagrams for reactions, shears, moments, and deflections for the current load combination. The magnitudes of the reactions and the peak values of shear, moment, and deflection are labeled on the diagrams. You can move the mouse pointer along the length of a diagram to display the magnitude at any location.

Combination The current load combination is selected by default. You may choose a different load combination or the Envelope of all load combinations. The Envelope is displayed as shaded regions representing the minimum and maximum values along the length.
Direction You may choose to display diagrams for vertical (Y) direction, horizontal (X) direction, or Torsion. For more details, see Torsion Diagrams.

If the selected load combination and direction does not include any transverse loads, there are no diagrams to display.

Deflections are determined using full section properties and factored loads. To determine service load deflections, create a load combination that includes the service loads. Use a load factor of 1 for each loading if the section is fully effective. Otherwise use the ratio Ix/Ixe as the load factor or as a multiplier on the deflection values, where Ixe is the effective moment of inertia at the service load.

Lapped members are assumed to provide full continuity. The bending stiffness at a lap uses the sum of the full moments of inertia of the lapped members.

The Print button will print the currently displayed diagrams. This printout is formatted for standard 8x11 inch paper in portrait orientation.Other sizes and orientations should work, but may result in less effective use of the paper or illegible diagrams.

The Copy Image button will copy the diagrams display image to the clipboard, which may then be pasted into another application.

The Report button will produce a text version of the peak values on the diagrams. See Diagrams Report.