Analysis Inputs - Notes Tab

This window is displayed when you create a new analysis or open an existing analysis. It is displayed as a floating window separate from the main application window. Closing this window will not close the analysis itself and will not lose any information about the analysis. To redisplay this window (when an analysis is open), select Analysis Inputs from the View menu, or press F4.

This tab contains inputs for the load combinations to analyze. A load combination is a set of loadings with corresponding load factors. The grid displays the loadings and factors for one combination at a time. You may define several load combinations, but you may only analyze one combination at a time. See also General Tab, Members Tab, Supports Tab, Loadings Tab, and Combinations Tab.

The text box on this tab can be used to enter any descriptive information about the analysis. This information is included in the printout of the analysis inputs, and is saved with the analysis file.