File Menu

The following commands are available on the File menu:

New Section See Section Wizard.
New Analysis See Analysis Wizard. You must have at least one section open before you can create a new analysis.
Quick Design See Quick Design.
OpenDisplays a dialog window for choosing an existing file to open. There are three types of files available to CFS: section (cfss), section library (cfsl), and analysis (cfsa). If you choose a section library file, an additional window will be displayed for you to select the section you want from within the library (see Open Library Section).
Recent Files See Recent Files.
Import DXF See Import DXF.
SaveSaves the information associated with the current window to a file of the assigned name. If the current window is a section or analysis with an associated report window, the report will be saved in the file as well. When an analysis is saved, all the unsaved sections used as members in the analysis will also be saved. If the current window is a report, or a section or analysis that has not yet been saved, the Save As command will be performed.
Save AsSaves the information associated with the current window to a file, allowing you to specify a new file name or file type. If the current window is a section, you may save it to a DXF file to transfer the geometry to a CAD application. If the current window is a report, you can save the contents of the report to a Word Document (.doc) file or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.
CloseCloses the current window.
Report InputsDisplays a report window containing a summary of the inputs for the current section or analysis. This is the same content included in the printout for section inputs or analysis inputs, except for the graphic representation. You may include this in a consolidated report for printing or saving. See also Working With Reports.
Print See Print.
ExitTerminates the application. If there are any unsaved changes, you will be prompted for saving prior to the program terminating.