Properties Report

The Properties report is created when you select Properties from the Compute menu (only available for sections). This report includes full and net section properties in accordance with conventional methods of structural design. These properties are computed using mathematically rigorous derivations, including integration through the bend radius segments and across the material thickness. The calculations for torsional properties use exact integrations for thin-walled sections that incorporate the bend radius segments as well.

The symbols used in this and other reports are defined in Symbols and Abbreviations. The "Flat" dimension is the width of the pre-formed sheet assuming no stretching or thinning of the material at the bends. For sections with multiple parts, this is the sum of the flat widths. The "Height" and "Width" dimensions are the overall height and width of the entire section.

For sections containing more than one part, and any of the parts do not have a principal axis on the principal axis of the section, the location of the shear center (x₀ and y₀) is an approximation. The torsional warping constant (Cw) and St. Venant torsion constant (J) are computed as the sum of the Cw and J values for the individual parts. Element connectivity between parts tends to change these properties. In such cases, you should manually determine and enter an override in the Section Inputs window. These overrides are then shown in this report instead of the values computed by CFS.