Technical Assistance

Engineering Practice

The CFS application is not intended to guide you regarding best engineering practices. Nor is the author in a position to make recommendations on engineering practice. Such issues should be pursued with engineers experienced in the type of construction, educational institutions involved in related research, or the appropriate building officials.

Specification Questions

Any specification is subject to interpretation when attempting to apply it to real world situations. CFS makes some assumptions in the calculations that it performs. These are explained in the various portions of this documentation as related to each type of calculation. Further interpretation of the AISI, ASCE, or similar specifications are beyond both the scope of this application and the responsibility of the author. Such issues should be pursued with appropriate organization.

Verification of Computations

CFS has been used extensively for many years. Computational bugs have been extremely rare in recent years, however it is still possible that one could arise. If you disagree with an output, you should first review all the inputs and their meanings, and understand all the assumptions as stated in this documentation. If you still disagree with an output, you should report it.

Suggestions and Comments

The CFS application has evolved through many phases of improvement and refinement. To continue in this direction, comments are encouraged. Whether you have a suggestion for a minor change, need a new feature, or simply donít like the way something works, please send your comments to us.

System Errors and Hardware Problems

These are often difficult to resolve. With the wide range of computer hardware and accessories, operating systems and drivers, and application software, it is impossible to test every configuration and avoid all the conflicts that could occur.

CFS has been shown to run successfully on a variety of configurations, but it is still possible to encounter system difficulties. If CFS runs fine on one computer, but has problems on another computer, it is highly likely that the cause is a hardware, operating system, or driver problem. First try rebooting the computer. Next try re-installing CFS. If the problem still exists, you should have a computer specialist evaluate the hardware and operating system. If the problem is still not resolved, and it can be duplicated on a regular basis, you should report it.

Contacting RSG Software

The best way to contact RSG Software is by e-mail. This provides a convenient record of the correspondence, and an expedient method of reply. You can also attach any necessary files.

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