Torsion Diagrams Report

This report is created when you click the Report button on the Diagrams window while displaying the torsion diagrams. It contains the maximum torques, bimoments, and twist for the current load combination, or for the envelope of all load combinations if selected on the Diagrams window.

For a single load combination, this report includes the torsional loads applied to the members. These loads are calculated from the applied transverse and axial loads as follows:

The magnitude of the torisonal load is equal to the magnitude of the transverse load times the torsion arm (see Torsion Analysis). If two or more members overlap, the torsion arm is a weighted average using the relative stiffness of the members. If a concentrated bimoment occurs on a member exhibiting pure torsion only, the result is an abrupt change in angle of twist equal to B/GJ radians.

This output can be appended to an analysis report containing other analysis outputs, such as member checks and web crippling checks. See Working With Reports.