Library Builder

The Library Builder is accessed from the Tools menu. This utility allows you to create your own section libraries, just like the ones provided with CFS. Section libraries are a convenient way to store and share common sections, and prevent them from being modified.

To create a library of sections, you need to first create each of the individual section files to include, and organize them in a directory (folder) structure as shown below.

       Any Folder
           Library Folder
               Section Type 1 Folder
               Section Type 2 Folder
               Section Type 3 Folder

All the sections must be in one of the Section Type sub-folders of the Library Folder. The name you use for the library folder will become the name of the generated library file. The names you use for each of the section type folders will become the section type names stored within the section library. You may have any number of sections in each type, and any number of types in the library. But you must have at least one section in one sub-folder of the library folder.

To use the library builder, enter the path to the library directory, or click on the Browse button to select the directory. Complete the Company and Address fields with whatever information you feel is pertinent to the library. Then click on the Build button to create the library. The library file will be located in the same directory as the library folder (not in the library folder). It will have the .cfsl file extension, and is ready to be opened by CFS.