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This menu provides access to application settings.

SpecificationThis menu allows you to select which design specification to use in performing strength calculations. For ASD choices, loads should be entered as their nominal values (not factored). For LRFD and LSD choices, loads should be entered as their factored values. For stainless steel members, all ASD choices will use the ASD calculations from ASCE 8-22, and all LRFD and LSD choices will use the LRFD calculations from ASCE 8-22.
Global BucklingChoose Spec Equations or Elastic Theory. Most of the global buckling equations in the AISI Specification are based on elastic theory. But special cases exist for unequal unbraced lengths and non-symmetric sections, where more rigorous elastic theory could predict a higher buckling stress. For AISI Specification editions prior to 2016, using elastic theory may be treated as a rational analysis with more conservative safety and resistance factors. The elastic global buckling provisions in the 2022 edition of the AISI Specification are equivalent to the elastic theory option.
Include TraceChoose Strength, Member Check, Web Crippling, Effective Section, Cold Work Stresses, or All to include a trace of the detailed calculations in each report, with references to the AISI or ASCE equation numbers. This can be useful for comparison to hand calculations and to satisfy code officials.
OptionsA number of application options are available, and are organized into the following tabs: Units, Material, Thicknesses, Heading, and Combinations.
LicenseSee License Types.
Library BuilderThe Library Builder is a tool for making your own section libraries.