Options - Combinations Tab

This window is displayed by selecting Options from the Tools menu. When you create a new analysis, you can choose from several sets of commonly used load combinations. This window allows you to create and save your own custom load combinations for use in new analyses.

Custom CombinationThe name associated with the load combination. This name may be changed to any name not already used. To view the load factors for a different combination, select its name from the list. There is always one more entry in the list than there are combinations currently defined. To add a combination, select the last entry in the list and optionally rename it. You may delete a combination by deleting its name and pressing Enter.
SpecificationChoose the design specification to be used with the current load combination. If the load combination uses unfactored loads, select an ASD specification. If the load combination uses factored loads, select an LRFD or LSD specification.
Load FactorThe multiplier to apply to all the loads in the loading. The loadings listed are predefined based on the loading types available in the Analysis Wizard.