Options - Units Tab

This window is displayed by selecting Options from the Tools menu. If you make changes to any units, all inputs will automatically change to the new units, however existing reports will not be affected. The units for moments and distributed loads are derived from the your selections for length and force units.

System of UnitsA list of predefined sets of default unit types: U.S. and Metric. If you change an individual unit type, the system of units will be displayed as Custom.
SectionThe length unit used for the section geometry and other small dimensions.
LengthThe length unit used for beam spans and other large dimensions.
AngleThe angle unit used for element angles and other angles in the plane of the cross section.
ForceThe force unit used for applied loads and load strengths.
StressThe force per unit area unit used for material strengths and modulus of elasticity.
MomentThe moment unit used for applied moments and moment strengths.