Network License

This license is an annual subscription for a company to share over a network. The number of network licenses purchased corresponds to the number of concurrent users permitted to use the full CFS license.

For details on setting up a network license, refer to CFS Network License Instructions

Licensing System

Licenses are activated on your local network accessible to the users at your company. A network share folder is used to host the license file. You must create this folder on a Windows server or computer and give all users permission to read, write, and delete files in that folder. This should be on a machine that is available at all times.

The licensing system uses network semaphore file-locking in the license folder to manage active users. This may be accessed over a wide-area network (WAN) or through a virtual private network (VPN), although performance may be affected.

You may backup the contents of the license folder. If it gets lost, or the license files are deleted, you can deactivate the license, then activate it again (see License Activation).

License Settings

Choose Network License Settings from the Tools menu to display information about the status of the license. The initial setup of the license is managed here, and individual users can join the license pool.

Company All users of a network license must use the same company name. This company name appears on CFS outputs, so enter the name as you would like it to appear.
Share folder Specify the name of the share folder established for your network license. This must be identified using a UNC Path (e.g., \\Server\Share\Folder), which is not an alias or DFS path.
Acquire License If the license has already been activated from a different computer, you may enter the correct Company name and Share folder, then click on Acquire License to join the pool. This can be automated by an administrator for all users (see below). In the rare instance where you need to release the license and revert to "light mode", press Ctrl-Shift-R.
View Usage Log The license folder contains the CFSLicense.log file which records all the license usage activity such as acquiring and releasing licenses. This can be helpful to determine who is currently using a license if none are currently available.


These administration functions are used for the initial setup of the license.

Activate License After purchasing a network license, you will receive an email with your license ID and activation password. Click on the Activate License button to complete the license implementation. For more details, see License Activation.
Deactivate License If you have an active network license and you need to move the license to a different server or folder, you must deactivate the license first. Then the license will be available to activate using the new location. For more details, see License Activation.
Refresh License After renewing a network license subscription, click on Refresh License to pick up the new expiration date. CFS will periodically refresh by itself, so you may not need to use the Refresh License button.
Automate Clients All users must have the exact same settings for Company name and Share folder. The Automate Clients button provides the registry entries for these settings, which can then be distributed to the users. Once the registry data is imported into their registry user settings, the CFS license will automatically be configured for them.