License Activation

Activation validates your license and installs a license file onto your system. After you purchase a license, you will receive an email with the license ID and activation password. You may also login to the License Portal using your account name and password to get this license information. For details on setting up a network license, refer to CFS Network License Instructions

Enter the License ID and Activation Password in the Single User License form or the Network License Settings, after clicking the Activate License button. The activation process needs to connect to You can test with this URL to make sure you can connect and get an "OK" response. If your IT staff has locked-down communication to the Internet, you will need to have them open the communication to this web site in order for the CFS license to work properly. License activation also requires Windows 7 or later. Earlier versions of Windows may encounter problems with secure network communication.

After the license is activated, CFS does not need a continuous connection to the Internet. But CFS will periodically validate the license using the same Internet site, so you will need to be connected some of the time you use CFS.

Changing Computers (single user license)

If you need to move your single user license to a different computer, or you need to modify your computer (reformat, upgrade Windows, change hardware, etc.) you must deactivate the license then reactivate it on the other/modified computer. This feature is not intended for license sharing, but to support the infrequent computer upgrades or changes.

Changing License Folder (network license)

If you need to move your network license to a different server or folder, you must deactivate the license then reactivate it using the new license folder location.


To deactivate a license, choose Single User License or Network License Settings from the Tools menu in CFS. If the license is active, you can click the Deactivate License buttton. Each license has a limited number of deactivations, so only use this process when necessary.

For a network license, only the license administrator should deactivate the license as it removes the license for all users.

If the license is no longer available, you will need to deactivate using the License Portal. From the list of licenses shown, choose the license to deactivate and click the Manage Installations button. For the Active installation, click the (x) button to deactivate it. If this button is not shown, there are no remaining deactivations. If you still need to deactivate, contact RSG Software and provide the License ID you need to deactivate.