Single User License

This license is an annual subscription for a single user on a specific computer. If you need to modify your computer (reformat, upgrade Windows, change hardware, etc.) you can deactivate the license, then activate it again after the system changes are made. You can also move the license to a new computer by deactivating and reactivating (see License Activation).

Choose Single User License from the Tools menu to display information about the status of the license. Here you can activate or refresh the license.

Activate License After purchasing a single user license, you will receive an email with your license ID and activation password. Click on the Activate License button to complete the license implementation. For more details, see License Activation.
Deactivate License If you have an active single user license and you need to move the license to a different computer, you must deactivate the license first. Then the license will be available to activate on the other computer. For more details, see License Activation.
Refresh License After renewing a single user license subscription, click on Refresh License to pick up the new expiration date. CFS will periodically refresh by itself, so you may not need to use the Refresh License button.