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CFS® can be downloaded from our Download page. After you install it, you will be able to run CFS in "light" mode. If you wish to purchase a license for the full version, simply place your order with secure online processing.

(credit card required)

License Types

The CFS full license is an annual subscription. While your license is active, you have access to the full features of CFS, as well as product upgrades, technical support, and licensing services. The license types and pricing are:

Single User License Single User License with Automation Network License Network License with Automation
Subscription Price
See Formal Price Sheet
$120/year $180/year $240/year $360/year
Full CFS Features
See Feature List
Automation Module
See Description
Individual Use
On your local computer with your login
Shared Use
On your network, one concurrent user per seat
Remote Access
If connected to your network, e.g. using VPN

When you purchase a CFS license subscription, you are enrolled in an automatic payment plan where your credit card will be charged annually to continue the license. You may cancel at any time and the license will remain active until the end of the annual period. For more details about the license types, refer to CFS Help - License Types.

License Implementation

Implementing a full license is easy:

  • Purchase a Single User License or Network License
  • Recieve an email with your License ID and Activation Password
  • Activate your license from the Tools menu in CFS for your license type

For more inforation on activation and related topics, refer to CFS Help - License Activation. For complete network license details, refer to CFS Network License Instructions.

Upgrading CFS 10 Network License

The Sentinel UltraPro technology used for previous network licenses is no longer supported by Sentinel/SafeNet/Gemalto. If you want to upgrade to CFS 13, the network license uses a new technology which requires no hardware device. For more details, refer to CFS Help - Network License.

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