CFS 13

CFS® is a comprehensive general-purpose cold-formed steel component design tool that performs calculations according to the AISI 2016 Edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members (S100-16), and the 2002 Edition of the ASCE Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members (ASCE-8-02).

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5

Specifications Supported

  • AISI S100-16/S1-18 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI S100-16 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI S100-12 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI S100-07/S2-10 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI S100-07 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI 2004 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI 2001 - ASD, LRFD, LSD
  • AISI 1999 - ASD and LRFD
  • ASCE 8-02 - ASD and LRFD (stainless steel)

Section Versatility

The Section Wizard makes it quick and easy to create the geometry for common shapes and the graphical interface allows you to create virtually any cold-formed steel shape, including closed shapes, built-up sections, stiffeners, and elements with holes. You may choose from a long list of predefined carbon and stainless steel materials, or customize the material properties as needed. Additionally, several libraries are provided for commonly available component shapes in the industry. Section geometry can imported and exported using DXF.

Quick Design

The CFS Quick Design tool makes design checks for industry standard shapes very fast and easy. It will even optimize the section thickness, flange size, and yield stress to meet your design requirements. And if you need to investigate the design in more detail, simply create the full analysis problem with a single click.

Analysis Wizard

The Analysis Wizard assists in the creation of a variety of design problems such as beam-columns, continuous beams, and multi-span beams with laps. Analysis problems consist of members, supports, braces, loadings and load combinations. Transverse loads may be concentrated or distributed, and applied at any angle, thus producing biaxial bending. Axial loads may include eccentricities which induce additional moments. You can display and print diagrams for reactions, shears, moments, and deflection, including envelope diagrams for all load combinations.


  • Full, net, and effective section properties using exact integrations
  • Strengths for compression, tension, moments, shears, bimoment, and web-crippling
  • Strength increase from cold work of forming
  • Member checks for combined axial/bending, bending/shear, bending/torsion, and bending/web-crippling
  • Calculation trace available for additional details
  • Messages given for exceeded limits such as w/t, D/t, KL/r, etc.
  • Elastic buckling anaylsis using finite strip method
  • Complete documentation included as an integrated help file

Elastic Buckling Analysis

A powerful feature of CFS is the elastic buckling analysis of any cross-section using the finite strip method. Some shapes may be subject to a mode of buckling where the section distorts. This tool helps the engineer to utilize the Direct Strength Method (DSM) according to the AISI Specification.

Light vs. Full License

CFS is free to download and install. Without the purchase of a full license, the application will run in "light" mode with a reduced set of features and limitations on section complexity. This mode is ideal for educational use and will give you a feel for what the full CFS software has to offer. You may then choose to purchase a license for the full version CFS. Here is a comparison between the full and light modes.

Description Light Full
Maximum elements per part 5 254
Maximum parts per section 1 254
Holes in elements  
Carbon steel materials
Stainless steel materials  
Custom material properties  
Access section libraries
Create section libraries  
Import geometry from DXF files  
Save geometry to DXF files  
Full section properties
Net section properties  
Effective section properties
Strength increase from cold working  
Inelastic reserve strength  
Detailed torsion properties  
AISI - ASD, LRFD, and LSD methods
Direct Strength Method (DSM)
Fully braced strengths
Axial/Bending member checks
Bending/Shear member checks
Bending/Web-crippling checks
Bending/Torsion member checks  
Quick Design checks
Elastic buckling analysis  
Generate DSM buckling values  
Analysis Module
Single member
Multiple spans  
Multiple members  
Transverse loads, moments, and axial loads
Numerous support and bracing options
ASD, LRFD, and LSD load combinations
Diagrams for shear, moment, and deflection
Diagrams for torque, bimoment, and twist  
Locations of critical check points

CFS13 Automation Module

For users of CFS 13, this optional software component provides the full computational engine of the CFS application for customized automation of cold-formed steel calculations in your own applications. There are numerous ways to use this library, including spreadsheet macros, creation of spreadsheet tables, automated design checks using external analysis data, and even full-fledged structure design automation.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5
  • Development environment supporting COM or .NET 4.5
  • CFS 13 software installed and licensed (network or single-user, with automation)

Additional Info

The calculation methods in the CFS13 module can use existing section files or section libraries created using CFS, or you can define new sections "on the fly" to analyze. These methods perform operations such as retrieval of section information, computation of gross section properties, net section properties, effective section properties, fully braced strengths, and design checks for axial, bending, shear, web-crippling, combined axial/bending, combined shear/bending, and combined web-crippling/bending.

The CFS13 module includes complete documentation of the objects, methods, and properties, and some sample code to get you started. This documentation is available from our Download page.

This product is incorporated into the structural analysis application VisualAnalysis for performing cold-formed steel design checks on 3D structures. The VisualAnalysis software is offered by Integrated Engineering Software.

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