CFS® Files

  • CFS Version 11.0.4 (3.4 MB) Download and install the CFS software at no charge and become more productive today! CFS will initially run in "light" mode, but if you decide to purchase a license, activating the full version is easy.

    The light mode has a reduced feature set and some functional restrictions as outlined in Products. To order a license for the full version, go to our online order form.

    Note: earlier versions are not available for download. If you have a network license for CFS 10 or earlier, it cannot be upgraded to CFS 11. But you may purchase a network license annual subscription for the new version. If you have a standalone license, CFS 11 can be used with the same license. When your standalone license expires, you would then switch to a single user license.

  • CFS11 Module 32-bit (2.0 MB) The CFS11 Automation Module is an optional component for automating CFS calculations in your own software or Excel spreadsheets. The use of this module requires a Single User License with Automation or a Network License with Automation. You may download and install this prior to purchasing a license, but execution of these functions will not be enabled until a CFS license with Automation is activated.

  • CFS11 Module 64-bit (2.0 MB) For automation of CFS calculations within 64-bit applications such as 64-bit Excel, you will need to use this version of the installer.

  • CFS11 Documentation This documentation is included with the installation of the automation module. But it is readily accessible here if you have not installed the module.

  • End User License Agreement CFS software license agreement.

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