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CFS® can be downloaded from our Download page. After you install it, you will be able to run CFS in "light" mode. If you wish to purchase a license for the full version, you simply need to complete the order form (see below) and submit it to RSG Software.

CFS License Options

  • Network License this license utilizes a USB key attached to a server and accessed by the CFS software over your network. One license allows one concurrent user of the software. The USB key may also be attached to your computer, and moved from one computer to another.

    The price for a network licenses is US$800 which includes the USB key. If additional licenses are purchased at a later date, they will include an additional USB key, which may be connected to the same server as the original key.

    Note: lost or stolen hardware keys are not replaceable. New licenses must be purchased at regular price.

  • Network License Upgrade If you already own a network license for a previous version of CFS, you may upgrade to a CFS 10 network license at a reduced upgrade price. The same USB key will be used for the new license.

    • CFS 9.0 network license upgrade: US$150
    • CFS 8.0 network license upgrade: US$350
    • CFS 7.0 network license upgrade: US$550
    • CFS 6.0 network license upgrade: US$750
    • CFS 5.0 network license upgrade: US$750

  • Standalone License this is a time-based and usage-based license associated with a specific computer. To order a standalone license, download and install CFS 10, then choose Apply Standalone License from the Tools menu in CFS. This will display the computer code for that computer, which you can copy and paste into the CFS Order Form (see below).

    The price for a standalone license is US$120 per year, and may be used with future versions of CFS without any upgrade fee.

    This license includes a usage counter. For each year purchased, you receive 73000 license units. These license units will decrease as CFS calculations are performed and special features are utilized. For example, calculating section properties uses 1 unit, calculating section strength uses 2 units, and calculating a member check uses 4 units. If the license units run out before the expiration, you may extend the license by purchasing another year of usage.

    Note: if your computer experiences a hardware failure, you may not be able to recover or reapply the standalone license. You cannot obtain credit toward a standalone license for a different computer, so use care in purchasing a multiple year license.

CFS10 Automation Module

The CFS10 Automation Module is an optional software component for automating CFS calculations. It is not required to use the full functionality of the CFS software.

The price for this module is US$500, and it requires a network or standalone license for CFS Version 10. One purchase of the module is sufficient for any number of CFS licenses.


The network license purchase requires a USB key which will be shipped by Fedex. The shipping charge is $20 for most US destinations, US$35 for Canada destinations, and US$70 for other countries.

There is no shipping charge for a standalone license. A license code is issued by email.

Ordering Options

Online Order Form - This order form can be completed online and submitted directly to RSG Software. This method requires payment by VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. The transaction occurs over a secure server, so your personal information is protected.

Printable Order Form - This PDF order form can be printed and completed by hand. Please mail it with a business check payable in US dollars on a US bank to RSG Software, Inc.

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