Analysis Wizard - Page 4 of 4

This window is displayed by selecting New Analysis from the File menu. The Analysis Wizard is used to easily create the geometry and loads for many common beam and column configurations. Once you finish the Wizard, you have full editing capabilities for the analysis.

The fourth page of the Analysis Wizard is used to select the load combinations to include in the analysis. After selecting the load combinations you want, press the Finished button and the new analysis will be generated.

The load combinations list includes several sets of commonly used load combinations, plus a set of custom load combinations if you defined any in the Options window. Under combinations to include, check or uncheck the applicable load combinations to your analysis problem.

Each load combination has an associated design method (ASD, LRFD, or LSD). The current application setting for the design specification will determine which specification is actually applied to each combination. For example, if the selected specification is 2016 NAS - US (ASD), but the load combination is LRFD or LSD, then the specification applied to that combination would be 2016 NAS - US (LRFD).

Check the box for Use Inflection Point Bracing if you want the analysis to treat inflection points as brace points. This setting will apply to all selected load combinations. So if you want some of them to be changed, you can get more specific on the Combinations tab of the Analysis Inputs window.