CFS Version 10 Changes
Released November 2016

2016 North American Specification

CFS now supports the 2016 Edition of the "North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members". This includes ASD and LRFD for U.S. and Mexico, as well as LSD for Canada. CFS continues to support the 2012, 2010, 2007, 2004, 2001, and 1999 Editions. Changes in the 2016 Edition include:

  • Specification was entirely reorganized to align more closely with AISC.
  • New interaction equation for combined axial load and bending.
  • New provisions for global buckling of members with holes.
  • Effective width method for flexure uses the net section, even if controlled by lateral-torsional buckling.
  • Changes to effective width of unstiffened elements under stress gradient.
  • Omit axial load eccentricity due to effective section centroid shift.
  • New provisions to determine section properties for serviceability with the Direct Strength Method.
  • Strength increase due to cold-work of forming allowed with the Direct Strength Method.
  • Strength increase due to cold-work of forming not allowed if subject to distortional buckling.
  • Improved initial folder behavior for File-Open and File-Save.
  • Added Select All and Unselect All on the Print options form.
  • More section measurement points: edges of holes, centers of holes, outside intersections, bend radius centers.
  • New section input for hole length ratio (Lnet/L) to support new AISI provisions.
  • Calculate torsion properties for net section to support new AISI provisions.
  • Moved DSM distortional buckling calculation from the Strength calculation to the Member Check calculation.
  • Improved global buckling calculations based on elastic theory which allow use of non-principal axes.
  • Elastic buckling analysis for sections with holes.
  • Elastic buckling option for analyzing repeating shapes, such as panels.
  • Generate all Direct Strength values in one step. No mode shape evaluation required.
  • Added trace content for the Direct Strength Method.
  • Include shear flow between parts in Member Check report.
  • Automatically set K values for fixed end supports when using the Analysis Wizard.
  • Updates to SSMA library sections to match 2015 SSMA Technical Guide.
  • Minor fixes for importing DXF files.
  • Include full date and time in heading of printouts.
  • Allow web angle equal to 45 degrees for web-crippling calculation.
  • Effective section properties at applied loads should not iterate.
  • Correction to XT support locations created by Analysis Wizard for fully braced columns.
  • Correction to default thickness selection when it's the last option in the list.
  • Correction to error when copying a part with 10 elements.
  • Properly refresh input windows after closing a section or analysis files.
  • Fix for zero bend radius causing an error during printing of section graphic.
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