CFS Version 11 Changes
Released December 2018

2018 Supplement to AISI S100-16 Specification

CFS now supports Supplement 1 to the 2016 Edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members (S100-16/S1-18). This includes ASD and LRFD for U.S. and Mexico, as well as LSD for Canada. CFS continues to support the 2016, 2012, 2010, 2007, 2004, 2001, and 1999 Editions. Changes in the 2018 Supplement include:

  • Strength increase due to cold-work of forming permitted for distortional buckling strength.
  • Clarification on provisions for singly-symmetric unstiffened angle sections.
CFS Enhancements
  • Quick Design Tool: quickly check or optimize a design for a variety of common members and loadings.
  • New licensing system with auto-renewal of subscription and no usage limits.
  • New network license technology without a hardware key.
  • Direct Strength Method (DSM) permitted with free license (light mode).
  • Updated AISI section library with examples from the 2017 AISI Design Manual (D100-17).
  • Updated SSMA section library with precalculated DSM ratios.
  • New SFIA section library with precalculated DSM ratios.
  • Plastic section modulus included in properties report.
  • Calculate inelastic reserve strength as applicable for flexure.
  • Option to calculate global buckling by specification equations or elastic theory.
  • Enhanced section hole definition using two inputs: hole length and hole spacing.
  • Specification limits on hole size and spacing are now checked.
  • Distortional buckling calculation implemented for flanges under stress gradient.
  • Compression strength for a member with a braced flange will use unbraced strength if greater.
  • Generation of direct strength ratios were improved for special cases.
  • Include work ratio in Elastic Buckling display and printout.
  • Elastic buckling analysis uses more elements now.
  • Simple analysis calculations permitted with free license (light mode).
  • Added analysis hinge capability as a new type of support selection.
  • Allow analysis specification selection to apply to all load combinations.
  • New toolbar buttons for: Save As, Cascade Windows, and Tile Windows.
  • X-Y coordinate axes displayed in section window and analysis window.
  • Enhanced DXF import to accommodate any sequence of lines and arcs in polylines.
  • Allow importing DXF files by drag-and-drop into CFS window.
Automation Module Enhancements
  • Include net section properties for: Ic, Io, rc, ro, xo, yo, jx, jy, Cw, J, and Alpha.
  • Include section data properties for: NumParts, E, HoleLength, HoleSpacing, ConnSpacing, and Reserve.
  • Additional NoteFlags for limits on: R/t, dh/h, do/bo, hole depth, hole length, and hole spacing.
  • Permit unbraced unsymmetrical sections.
  • Correction to display of Mcrd value in calculation trace for metric units.
  • Miscellaneous corrections to section limits and corresponding use of rational analysis factors.
  • Correction to unity check limit comparison for locales using comma as decimal separator.
  • For DXF import, corrected problem with loading files on computers with different locale conventions.
  • Correction to custom load combinations sometimes getting corrupted.
  • Correction to some section and analysis inputs not getting retained while switching active windows.
  • Ensure saved analysis file contains latest version of the associated report.
  • For vertical member orientation, omit beam self-weight from analysis.
  • For distortional buckling calculations, use flange properties with X axis perpendicular to the web, not necessarily parallel to the flange.
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